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Treasure Hunters - Cookie Run Like Game is the most fun and addictive TouchArcade's best games and definitely a very different running game . Collect the coins, run as far as you can, jump to the sky and get a lot of coins without any obstacles! Run, jumps, dash and slide over and around tons of different obstacles in this new endless running game. With the high quality graphic images, giving the players more excitement and more fun. 

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Traffic is the key to success of mobile app and game business. The more traffic there is, the more opportunity in gaining user downloads.

Google provides several options for Mobile App Marketing, one of which become more relevant and more important nowadays. This is Universal App Campaigns (UAC), which was launched by Google a little over two years ago. UAC has grown and made it much easier for mobile app and game developer to promote their apps across various platforms such as Google Search, Google Display Network, Google Play Store, or even YouTube.


Google has recently reorganized its mighty algorithm to downrank all poor performing apps. App quality is increasingly gaining Google’s attention. Google now emphasizes on making sure its users to have a high quality experience on its giant Play Store.

Apps that encounter many crashes, trouble downloading, and hence leading to bad user reviews and comments shall definitely watch out on this Google’s newest move to clean up the Store. Google now look at not only the performance data, battery usage, user engagement, but also including user ratings to create the so-called “quality signals”, which will automatically increase the ranking of those well-performing apps, and downrank those that did poorly. The goal is to increase more enjoyable Play Store’s user experience in app stability and quality.