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Child Tracker GPS Location Tracker

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What is ChildTracker?

The project is a Mobile Application for Android operating system. We use Java Json Php Mysql, xml and Android Studio We have 1 application in our project. Implementation It sends the coordinates of the current location coordinates to our server database using PHP, JSON, MySQL . A function in our webservice + coordinates coming with the Google API are converted into a type that people can read and transferred to Listview using PHP, JSON, MySQL . Parents can keep track of their children's visit location instantly . Google Maps V2 for parents' Instant location trackingUsing the API, it shows the last coordinate in the map so that the information about where the child is is finalized. If the parents of the application will talk about the use of the parent to monitor the child to set up the application and register and log in and add the child, the child can watch the location as long as the Gps + Internet is open


1.Location Tracker

2. Google map v2


4. Notification

5. Sessions

6. Admob Ads

7.Native Android

8.Clean Code

9.Offline Documentation

10.Material Design

How to Setup and Re-skinning

  1. change the package name to the name of the project
  2. Add your AdMob information to strings.xml
  3. connect your api to your server
  4. Detailed document added
    you can follow the steps

Last Update - Nov 25th, 2017

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Framework & Platforms


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Operating System

Android Studio

File Included

.java, Layered PNG, Native


Android tracker, gps tracker, location tracker, native app

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