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Amazing Thief Blueprint

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Amazing Thief Blueprint


iOS10, Swift 3 and Xcode 8 ready! Works on iPhone6S , iPhone6S Plus and iPad Pro! 

 One reskin already featured by Apple 901 times!!! 

Download iRun from the App Store and give it a try. Enough about spending hours in front of your computer searching and being totally lost without achieving any results. Have you ever wished to find a method to solve this never ending reskin struggle? There are so many awesome things you could be doing if you had enough time. Let’s face it: until this point you spent time with one too many problems than you planed to. I know this feeling pretty well. I’ve had the same struggles but here is the solution!


Click here to see the video!

Get your hands on this #1 hit app right now. iOS10 ready. Setup in 15 minutes. A+ source code and support. Time is ticking… Rebeloper proudly presents Amazing Thief Blueprint. This little gold nugget is based on the hugely popular game. Ride the wave of publicity and make your own version of Amazing Thief. As you already know, these kind of apps have a high rise on the App Store but a relatively short lifespan, so you have to act fast to catch the “Amazing Thief Wave”. Every day wasted is a lot of dollars wasted. Reskin your copy of the Amazing Thief Blueprint today! The sooner the better. The app is about a thief jumping from one rooftop to the other. He is running from something. He’s probably being chased. He is running really fast. So fast that he’s leaving everyone else behind. Are you fast enough to reskin this new hit?Are you fast enough to leave everyone else behind?


We are proud to make the best source codes on the market. Amazing Thief Blueprint is no exception. Just take a look at the features:

  • iOS10 ready
  • universal app (works on iPhone and iPad) – yes, even on iPhone7, iPhone7 Plus and iPad Pro
  • built with the latest Swift 3
  • ad network: Chartboost
  • dynamically generated gameplay (never play the same level)
  • No Ads In-app Purchase
  • Game Center leaderboard
  • share your score: Facebook, Twitter, Mail, iMessage
  • set up in 15 minutes
  • every art asset is a .png image file
  • More Apps page

Well organised Setup Folder for everything you need:

How to Setup and Re-skinning

Change Log

4.0.1 - (18.11.2016) - OPTIONAL

  • Added option to set gameplay speed (files changed: Settings.swift - lines: 93-97; GameScene.swift - lines: 233, 241, 265)

4.0.0 - (16.11.2016) - CRITICAL

  • Updated to Swift 3 - this is brand new project from scratch and is not compatible with earlier versions (no manual update can be performed; start with a brand new project)

3.1.0 – (14.12.2015) – OPTIONAL

  • Added Fyber (files changed: Info.plist, Defaults.h, PlistManager.m, AmazingThiefBlueprintSettings.plist, AppDelegate.m ; added files: fyber-sdk-lib, FyberCocos2dHelper.h/.m)

3.0.0 – (16.09.2015) – CRITICAL

  • Updated to iOS9

2.0.1 – (08.07.2015) – CRITICAL

  • Fixed hero slowly sliding to the left and disappearing

2.0.0 – (17.04.2015) – CRITICAL

  • Updated Cocos2d to v.3.4.9
  • Fixed errors due to new Validations (No Common Blocks set to YES)


  • fixed issue when screenshot was not deleted when the app enter background (not updating could have your app rejected)
  • updated SpriteBuilder to v.1.3.6.
  • fixed positions of the Play and Game Center buttons to better fit in iPhone 6 Plus screens
  • fixed position gameplay score label to better fit in iPhone 6 Plus screens

*********** 1.3

  • fixed typo bug for showing Vungle ads at Game Over
  • fixed bug when hero flys up at dying (occurred when you tapped at the same time the hero hit the pipe)
  • updated to SpriteBuilder 1.3.5.

*********** 1.2

  • updated README
  • updated background image to new size (1600 x 2732) for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+
  • tweaked code to support iPhone6 and iPhone6+ (ground and obstacles positions)

*********** 1.1 – updated Media.xcassets (icons and defaults) to support iPhone6 and iPhone6+ devices – IMPORTANT FIX: fixed crash on Share button for iOS 8.0.2 (occurring oniPad and iPhone5s) *********** 1.0. – Initial release.


Last Update - Nov 18th, 2016

Thread #93

2016-11-13 00:29:08

Hi rebeloper, Sometimes tap to jump doesn't work. Can you fix it? Thanks Shahid


2016-11-13 01:01:33

Hi, please provide some more detail of the issue. Thanks.


2016-11-13 08:39:05

Alright, so i am testing the game on iPhone 7. i have few problems - 1 - Most of the times in the beginning of the game when i try to cross first obstacle tap to jump doesn't work and character just fells down, i think its reproducible about 3-4 out of 10 times. - Second problem is i have to jump way ahead the edge of the obstacle otherwise system considers it as a collision and game is over, how can i modify collision range? Thank you!


2016-11-13 13:35:57

Another thing is - I am searching for the images in the code to check if i can give a try to fix it but i can't find them in the code. Is there any source code which is not present the app and you have used static libraries instead?


2016-11-13 14:03:25

Sorry for the last question about images in the source code. I have found the ccbi files


2016-11-13 14:03:38

Sorry for the last question about images in the source code. I have found the ccbi files


2016-11-13 19:23:07

Hi, Here's a video screencast of the gameplay that I have just recorded: https://www.dropbox.com/s/90nkdui6j0hpmz3/AmazingThiefTest.mp4.zip?dl=0 As you can see the hero DOES jump on each tap (see the red circle when tapping). Your issue might be that it is quite hard to achieve points in the simulator. I had a hard time too as you can clearly see from the screencast :) This will be much easier on a real device. But if you do wish to tweak the distance between the top and bottom pipe you can do it in the Obstacle.m file under pipeDistance (as seen in the video) and here: http://tinypic.com/r/zv37dh/9 Or if you wish you can tweak the distance between the obstacles in the Gameplay.m by playing around with the min and max distance. The code set a random distance between those two numbers for each pipe pair. See here: http://tinypic.com/r/10pugky/9 Also, it is a bad idea to edit the images from within Folder structure. Please, download SpriteBuilder from the link provided in the downloaded files; install it and change the images as shown in the documentation WITH SpriteBuilder.


2016-11-14 11:55:24

Hi Alex, I have always tested on iPhone 7. Sometimes touch for the very first obstacle doesn't work. Another big issues is if character jumps right at the edge of the pipe it still considers as a miss, which is not acceptable as a user, any way in the code i can fix that? Just to illustrate that - I have to jump minimum pipe edge +30% width of the pipe in order to continue playing the game. I hope you get my point.


2016-11-15 22:48:20

Hi, unfortunately this is how the code works. It is an old (1,5 years) code that I have been updating since, but I'm currently writing it from ground up. The new code will be submitted tomorrow for review to the Dovemobi Team. I have talked to them and they will rlease it ASAP so you may download it. With this new version all your issues regarding jumping and distances will be gone. Let me know if you have any further question, Alex.


2016-11-16 07:56:29

Thank you Alex, I'll check with dovemobi team on latest code.


2016-11-17 05:10:23

Hi, have submitted the new version 4.0.0 fro review. It should be available for you to download soon. Let em know if you have any further questions, Alex.


2016-11-17 09:17:33

Hi Alex, Thank you for fixing it. Just one thing - Now scene moves too slow, is there a quick way to increase the speed?


2016-11-18 17:00:03

Hi Jenis, Have updated the code (4.0.1.) with an option to control the speed with one simple number. You can find it in the Settings.swift file at the bottom. The update has been submitted for review. You should be able to download it soon.


2016-11-19 15:01:11

Hi Alex, got it. Thanks!

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