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QWhat is Dovemobi?
A : 

Dovemobi is a one-stop platform where an Appreneur can start making money from scratch in App Business. At Dovemobi, we provide a marketplace, where anyone, with or without app coding experience, could obtain an app template, do reskin and launch an app account at App Stores.

QWhy choose Dovemobi?
A : 

Dovemobi offers a start-to-finish solution not only to those professional developers with years of experience but also to the amateur developers with less or no coding experience. At Dovemobi Marketplace, experienced developers are able to upload their app templates for sale to earn extra money after developing it without the need to overcome difficulties of app marketing, while the less-experienced users may take benefit in purchasing the chosen template for their further use. Reskin, App Search Optimization (ASO) Service, and Exchange Review is also available at Dovemobi to assist users in maximizing their apps in the App Market. And, for those who want to have a piece of App Business without involving themselves in too much of technical app skill, Dovemobi provides partnership option, where we will do all the hard work for you, while you sit back, relax and enjoy the perpetual passive income along with it.

QWhat is the benefit of being a seller at Dovemobi Marketplace?
A : 
  • It is free to list your app templates on Dovemobi Marketplace. 
  • You will still be the owner of your app template.
  • You will receive 60% of the revenues from each transaction made on your app templates, a higher rate compared to listing on other websites. 
QDo I have to provide after-sale support as a seller?
A : 

As a seller, you are required to provide necessary answers and fixing if the app does not work properly as it states on the listing to the buyer. The better service you provide to your customers may lead to increased rating of you as a seller, which will have customers keep coming back to you for app templates purchases. 

QI am having trouble in uploading / downloading my app templates. What should I do?
A : 

Please fill in the form Contact Us completely, explaining the name of item and the problem you are having with it. Our customer support team will be in touch with you soonest possible.

QAre the app templates on Dovemobi multi-lingual?
A : 

Generally the app templates listed are written in English, unless clearly stated otherwise. However, Dovemobi provides Localization service, where we could assist in translating the app title and description into 23 different languages to boost the app visibility. For more information, please see the ASO tab.

QAre the apps on Dovemobi Marketplace cross-platform?
A : 

Some of the apps listed are cross-platform apps. Please see details of each listing for more confirmation as apps in different listings may vary.

QWhat does Single License and Multiple License mean?
A : 

Single License only allows buyer to use the app template on one project, and can only be published once on the app stores. Multiple License allows buyer unlimited use of the app template. Do note that neither one of the license allows buyers to resell or redistribute the app template to others, no matter it is “as is” or “modified”.

QHow do I contact the seller?
A : 

You can contact a Dovemobi Market Author through the comments box of the product page.

1. From the item page Click the ‘Comments’ tab

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page

3. Type your comment

Item Comments are public and can be viewed by everyone. Please note, it is not permitted to exchange any contact details (like email address, Skype, username, personal website) in the comments area. If you have already modified the template, new bugs may not be the responsibility of the author.

Any questions about the product must be posted publicly on the platform as they may be useful for other buyers or to track issues that might take place.

QWhat further changes do I have to make to a template bought on Dovemobi?
A : 

Once you have purchased the license for using a template, you will need to customize it to create and launch your new app in the app stores. You must replace all the graphic and sound assets in order to submit your new app to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Remember that you don’t own the rights to publish the app with the original graphics; furthermore, duplicated apps are not accepted by the Apple and Google policies if the original app is already listed on their catalog. If you buy a graphic app template, you can use the original graphics but you will need to customize the provided code to assemble your new app and make it ready for submission. If you are interested in hiring our customization services, you may contact us at support@dovemobi.com, and we'd be happy to help you further!

QHow can I request for a refund?
A : 

A refund can be requested only:

1)  Within 14 days after the original purchase date;

2)  If the product purchased does not work as advertised in the product description;

3) After having detailed the issues experienced to the original author of the product by posting a comment on the product page;

4)  It has been  48 hours and you haven’t received support from the original author of the product, nor from our support team at support@dovemobi.com


Before you request a refund from Dovemobi, it’s vitally important that you first:

ï‚·  Read the item’s installation guide and documentation.

ï‚·  Read and searched the item comments page, as this may answer your question.

ï‚·  Contacted the author of the item for support in the comment area-- although it is not mandatory for authors to offer support, the majority of authors do.

ï‚·  Make sure you have the correct configuration, which is outlined in the items description.

If you are unable to resolve an issue with the original author, please contact us via the Help button below to begin the refund request process.

Please Note: As the item you are purchasing is a digital good, by downloading the item you have taken ownership of the item, and we cannot offer refunds or exchanges due to a change of mind.

QWhat shall I do if I found my app template being distributed illegally?
A : 

If you believe that your app template was being distributed illegally on Dovemobi, please contact us soonest possible to confirm that the app template is legally yours and you have all the lawful rights on the template. Once complaint is received, Dovemobi team will further investigate and be in touch with you to solve this problem.

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