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Apporio Taxi App ( Uber Clone )

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Apporio Taxi App ( Uber Clone )


Apporio Taxi App : Overview:

Seeking on-demand trend in taxi booking industry, Apporio Infolabs has introduced its on-demand taxi booking solution by the name 'Apporio Taxi'. Our Taxi booking script works similar to the Uber App. With 'Apporio Taxi' you can launch you own Uber app within few hours of time. This Uber Clone app can be easily customized with your own brand and business logo.

The Uber Clone solution can be easily customized with your requirements. So, it can be used in various Uber like models. For example:

1. Uber for Cabs

2. Uber for trucks

3. Uber for Laundry 

4. Uber for Grocery 

5. Uber for Tow trucks

6. Uber for Home Services.

The complete solution consists of a Rider  App, Driver App and Admin Dashboard. Apps are available for both android and iOS platform. Admin Dashboard is a web based panel where you can manage and monitor the complete activity of app users (both riders and drivers). You can also manage the content in the app through the Admin dashboard.   



How it works?

Driver Sign Up:

- The work flow of the Uber Clone taxi app starts with Driver making a Sign Up request.  Driver can make a Sign Up request using the Driver App. Driver needs to upload his identification proof and vehicle details to submit a Sign Up request. 

- Admin receives the Driver Sign Up request on his Admin Dashboard. Admin can approve/disapproves the Sign Up request of the driver.

- Once approved by Admin, Driver can start getting trip inquires on his app. Driver has an option go Offline/Online.


Customer Makes Booking Request: 

- Just like Uber App, customer select a cab category and Pin the pick up location on Map. (Cab Categories can be edited from Admin Dashboard anytime)

- Customer can see available cabs around the pick Up location on the Map. Its also shows the ETA of the nearest driver to that pickup location. 

- Customer has option to Book Now and Book Later 

- As soon as the customer makes the booking request, it goes to the nearest available driver to that location.


Driver Allocation to a booking request: 

- A driver can Accept/Reject the request. If he doesn't do anything in 20 secs. The request gets rejected automatically and it moves to the next nearest driver. If the next driver also rejects the booking, it will move to the 3rd nearest. The request will route upto three drivers maximum. This Driver Allocation logic can be customized very easily according to your requirements. 

- Once driver accept a booking request, his screen changes into a map screen which shows the path to Customer's Pick Up Location

- Customer App also gets the notification with the details of the Driver and the Vehicle. 

- Customer has the option to cancel the booking until the driver arrives the Pick Up location. 


Driver Arrives -Start Trip and End Trip:

- As soon as the Driver reaches the customer location, he clicks on the arrive button. Customer can not cancel if the driver arrived. The waiting timer also starts (there is a provision on admin panel to assign waiting charge per minute. this is an optional feature)

- To start the trip, the driver inputs the Destination location in the app (optional) and click on 'Start Trip' button.

- Driver can check route to the destination location in the app.

- On Arrival, driver click on 'End Trip' Button in his app.


Trip Completion - Fare Calculation and Invoice: 

- The calculation of the 'distance' and 'time of travel' gets calculated between the driver's start and end trip. 

- Admin can set prices per km, base price, waiting time charges and other miscellaneous charges. The Fare will be calculated accordingly. 


Rating of Customer and Driver:

- On trip Completion, Both customer and Driver gets an option to Submit rating for the other user.

- The rating gets average out and shows on the user profile in the  app. The rating for driver remains visible on Admin Panel as well.  




How to Setup and Re-skinning

What you will receive?

- 'Apporio Taxi' customer app  (both android and iOS)

- 'Apporio Taxi' driver app        (both android and iOS)

- Admin Dashboard   

- Complete source Code 

- Re-skinning of the app with your logo and colors 

- Support on Deployment on your Server and App Stores.  

- Support on Enhanced features (paid)


Last Update - Jun 13th, 2017

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money guarantee

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Money Back Guarantee

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Framework & Platforms

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App Template > Business

Operating System

iOS 10.x, iOS 9.x

File Included

.swift, .xib, Layered PNG


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