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Archer Hero Must Die

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Archer Hero Must Die is the improved Version for the Game: Rush Archer which attracted a lot of players. In this game, Player becomes an archer and fights against the aborigines. The Archer Hero has to defeat his enemies by his shooting Skill.

How to play?

Touch and hold the Screen to adjust the angle shot of the arrow. Make sure that you can shoot the enemy accurately then release to shoot . Remember,The Hero just has only one life so be careful!

Get 1 point for Bodyshot

+1 point

Get 2 points for Headshot


Get 5 points for 3 times headshot in a row

Ultra Kill


- Graphics: 2D, Simple, good-looking. 


- BackGround: Daylight and Nighttime. More design if require

- Sound Track: Gun shot sound, Stimulating backgound track.

- Endless Game Play

- Character shop system

- Source code made with Unity 5.x

- Platform: iOS and Adroid

- Admob sdk

How to Setup and Re-skinning

You will be received the project after purchase. Open it by Unity and follow steps described in documentation file provided with the project, then you can reskin and make your brand new game easily by yourself. 


Last Update - May 17th, 2016

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Sub Total Price : $ 79.99

Framework & Platforms


Game Template > Action

Operating System

Android Studio

File Included



archer hero, shoot, action, endless, fun, archer,


Independent Developer

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