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Baccarat Casino - Leaderboard & In-App Purchase

(At least 3 ratings required)


Baccarat is one of the old Casino Game that is popular in late 19th century. The game is very easy to play. The player is either to bet on “Player”, “Banker”, or “Tie”. Winning bets on the banker pay 19 to 20 (even money less a 5% commission), winning bets on the player pay 1 to 1, winning bets on a tie usually pay 8 to 1. In the event of a tie, banker and player bets will push. 

One of the most exciting games to play. This is definitely one of the best game to buy and invest on your google play store! 


This game is very complete. It comes with: 

  • In App Purchase
  • Leaderboard
  • Rating System
  • Statistics for Total Bets, Winning, and Losing!
  • Smooth Animation for the Cards!

How to Setup and Re-skinning

Import these following projects: 

  • AndEngine-GLES2
  • BaccaratLeaderboardIAPChupa
  • google-play-serviceslibnewest

1. Just only go to strings.xml and change these following variable:

  • more_games
  • admob_banner
  • admob_interstitial
  • app_id for leaderboard
  • leaderboard_win_payout_score

2. change all the images in assets folder
3. change image in ic_launcher.png under drawable-hdpi folder!

Very easy to reskin! Enjoy the game and start making money!


Last Update - Jan 27th, 2016

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14 Days

Money Back Guarantee

$ 99.99 ?

Create and Distribute Unlimited Apps

$ 199.99 ?
Sub Total Price : $ 99.99
Independent Developer

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