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Cannonball - iOS 10 Swift 3 ready

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iOS 10 and Swift 3 ready!!!

This source code can be launched to the App Store in under 30 minutes! See step by step video below.

I often get asked how did I manage to put more than 100 games on the App Store in less than a month. (proof: my 1st account and my 2nd account)

The answer is simple: be the first who launches a reskin of a top grossing game.

Being fast is very important. With that in mind I present you Cannonball the clone of Canniball that has been featured by Apple in several countries.

The recipe is simple:

  1. Only 4 images to change
  2. Addicting gameplay
  3. AppLovin video ads
  4. $$$

We have even created a step by step video tutorial on how easy it is to reskin Cannonball.  But first let me show you how the game looks like.

Click here to see the addicting gameplay!




We at Rebeloper take pride to work with the best tools in the industry. We know that you expect perfection from us so we have chosen to build IMPOSSIBLE MAZE with the top notch technology out there.

Besides the addicting gameplay here are a few thing worth noting:

  • AppLovin video ads – your main source of income;
  • AdMob banner ads – another source of income;
  • “No Ads” In-App Purchase – let your users get rid of those ads for a small fee;
  • Game Center Leaderboard – rank, challenge and share your best score;
  • Share your score anywhere – with the built in native share sheet;
  • Rating System – smart rating powered by iRate, get those 5 star rating on the App Store today;
  • Native from Beginning to End – written in Swift it runs super fast
  • Launch in 10 minutes – only 4 images to change and a super simple setup

How to Setup and Re-skinning

Follow these step by step video tutorials to reskin Cannonball.

I have created a reskin called “Fireball”. A firehose “spits” water on the fire around it.

First take a look how easy it is to reskin the images. Let’s start with the “Ball”.

Tutorial 1 - Let's dive in

Tutorial 2 - Next up is the “Firehose”

Tutorial 3 - The “Wall” of fire

Tutorial 4 - The background

Tutorial 5 - The app icon

That’s it! Crazy, right? 

Next you will see how I put a reskin from Zero to the App Store in under 25 minutes! Click here to see the video.

Follow these steps and you can have a brand new reskin of Cannonball on the App Store in an hour!

As of version 1.0.1 Cannonball supports AdMob banner ads. Learn how to set it up in the following video.

When you purchase a Rebeloper Source Code you purchase more than just a source code. You purchase the awesome documentation and constant support. 

Got a question? Ask it in the Comments section. We answer each and every question in less than 24 hours, but mostly within 3 hours (if we’re not asleep). Customer happiness is our #1 priority. And of course, we offer a 14 days money back guarantee. 

Change Log

2.0.0 – (21.09.2016)

• Updated to iOS 10 and Swift 3 – this version will run only in Xcode 8+

1.0.2 – (01.07.2016) CRITICAL

  • Fixed Share crash in iPads (files changed: GameOver.swift – added line 139)

1.0.1 – (21.06.2016) OPTIONAL

  • Added AdMob (files added: GoogleMobileAds.framework; files changed: Main.storyboard, GameViewController.swift, Settings.swift, GameOver.swift)
  • Fixed Launch scree image constrains (files changed: LaunchScreen.storyboard)

1.0.0 – (21.06.2016)

  • Initial Release


Last Update - Oct 24th, 2016

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