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High Santa - 2D Endless Runner Parkour (Unity)

(At least 3 ratings required)


High Santa running away from cops! Santa took by mistake weed cookies and got high, there is where problems start!

Download free from google play: Here!


  • Game is 2D endless runner with lots of fun and excitment!
    See if you can get away from cops while being high, and aswell with santa powers ofcourse!


  • Your mission is to run away from police helicopters that are seeking for you and get as many weed cookies on the way!
  • You will see world high and every time you collect cookie you will get faster, but if police helicopter spot you it will blind you and slow you down so have tactics!

Controls and Parkour:

  • Fast flanking
  • Dropping fast (swiping right on touchscreen)
  • Double jump!
  • Use parkour and do flips in air!

How to Play:

  • Tap left side of screen to jump, jump from house to house and avoid helicopter spotlight from being caught, swipe right on screen to fast forward and swipe down to drop fast. Use tactics in game and get as much score possible.
  • Jumping and running in this game is one of stuff to do, game is fast paced and it requires tactics to jump from house to house without getting caught, do you have what it takes to be high and escape cops and helicopters that attack you, download now and try!


  • Game is 2D endless runner and running without problem on a lot of devices!
  • Tablets, mobiles and etc. Game is easy, fun and enjoyable to play!
  • Game is easly reskined, required just to change textures and you are done!
  • Easy build-ed for many platforms: Android/Iphone/PC!

Watch Game Gameplay video and check how Santa got high


  • Game is made in unity so reskinning is easy, comes with all files and stuff! (Game object presets, sprites, codes, settings)
  • Full codes, all assets animations and textures, +3k resolution for pc, Android/Iphone/Pc export, all runing fast pace.
  • There are +1000 Assets, more then 500 Sprites(all HD and above), +500 Game objects(players, santa, models, eplosions, particles, grounds, mountians)
  • Game is play and export ready immeadietly so you can just change settings of game(code is integrated) so only change on inspector tab for easily customization (like player speed, jump, enemy spawning, speed of game, particles, gunshots..
  • Google play services already added so just change easily in inspector yours leaderboards, achievements and etc, all done already for killing, score etc..
  • Admob ads and banner integrated already, just change to your domain and thats all.
  • Menu all done with code, pause menus and etc, gui all customizable, programmed in C# and all code is accessible to modify even more!
  • Download and test game yourself from google play store to see how it works and its BugFree.

How to Setup and Re-skinning

  • Setup and Reskin is very easy to use it, done in unity and everything is coded already so in inspector tab you only change values and stuff how game works. For instance if you want diffrent Player you select Player in Hierarchy and select different model!
  • Only you will need Unity download!
  • There are all textures and animations for you to change, so if you want diffrent color of houses or santa you can easily change it, or make alien out of it (already different mountains/platforms/and other stuff inside project that you can change at start!
  • Comes with all Unity files, animations, scenes, textures, and codes in package so thats one shot chance not to miss!!


Last Update - May 7th, 2016

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