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Kids Learn English ABC

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In this app, there are about 20 different pages that kids can learn and understand English. This app is VERY DYNAMIC and will not bore kids!

This Application is regarding Kids Education. The most complete app for kids to learn English: 

It is really easy to reskin. All you need to do is to change the mp3 and the pictures.


In this app, your kids will learn about:

  1. Read
  2. Writing
  3. Learning Pattern
  4. Find the Correct Image
  5. Puzzle Game
  6. Quiz

How to Setup and Re-skinning

Simple and very easy to reskin.

Reskin only backgrounds in drawable will more than enough.

To change the ids, just change them in strings.xml


Last Update - Jan 22nd, 2016

Thread #144

2017-08-21 15:01:05

if i purchase this source code, which one that i have to reskin?

Tirta Jaya Games

2017-08-31 17:43:20

All the major character graphic images have to be reskinned so that you will have different theme than the original as iTunes Store and Google Play Store will not allow the same exact graphic theme for same app. We provide excellent reskin game service too, if you'd like, =)

Thread #128

2017-08-21 14:12:53

is it supporting both android and iOS?

Tirta Jaya Games

2017-08-31 17:43:34

Yes Sania, both Android and iOS. Thanks

Thread #103

2017-08-21 11:57:18

what is the different between single and multi app license?

Tirta Jaya Games

2017-08-31 17:45:17

Single app license will only allow you to use and publish this game one time only. While the multi app license will allow you to use and publish multiple times of this app with different reskinned themed graphic images. Hope this clarifies. Thanks

yazid asrofie
Thread #92

2016-10-29 07:37:46

hi, what framework used on this app? Is it eclipse or unity?

Tirta Jaya Games

2016-10-29 08:05:33

It is made in Unity.

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