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Mirror Dash - Travel Odyssey

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Mirror Dash is a 2D arcade mobile game which is a highly addictive and mesmerizing mirrored odyssey. It consists of two mirrored environments where the player has to either jump over obstacles or teleport to the opposed environment. The core mechanic is based on an easy to learn but hard to master two button system. Mirror Dash is a great choice for people to challenge their skills and spend leisure time.

The entire game is accompanied by a beautiful story where the player is taken on a journey across some of the most beautiful places in the world. Whether it is the wild Egyptian desert, the divine Japanese garden or the glamourous cities of Italy, France or Britain, the player will be always surrounded by an idyllic, yet minimalist environment.

In this game, players will feel the urge to retry, overcome their previous progress and move on to the next level. 

You can create more levels with Unity editor.


• All the game assets are FREE to use

• 5 immersive levels with increasing difficulty

• Developed using the latest Unity version (2017)

• Developed with C#

• Banner and Interstitial Ads using Admob

• Analytics: Unity Analytics (easy to use and integrated in the editor)

• IAP: Unity IAP (easy to use and integrated in the editor)

• Available In-app Purchase: Remove Ads

• GameCenter and GooglePlayServices - Achievements for each level

• Native dialogs - iOS and Android

• Twitter share button

• Project Ready to Submit for both iOS and Android

• Available assistance with the submission / changes to the game

How to Setup and Re-skinning



Use Unity 5.6 or higher. You can download it from this link (CTRL+ click on the link) DownloadUnityFree (http://unity3d.com/get-unity/download?ref=personal)

How to install:

  1. Download the project archive.
  2. Unpack the archive.
  3. Open Unity and click “Open other”.                                                                  4. Click once on the unpacked folder of the project and then choose ‘Open’


Ignore all warnings and notifications (like yellow sign and white bubble in console) such as the example below.

Those are NOT errors.It does not affect to work of the game.


How to test on device:

  1. File - > Build Settings…
  2. Choose your platform (iOS, Android)
  3. Switch platform
  4. After switching:
    1. For iOS click “Build” and select folder, then open created project in XCode.
    2. For Android you can plug-in device to your pc and click “Build and Run” and game automatically runs on your device after building.

Textures – How to reskin the app

Replacing texture is much easier than you might think! No coding skills involved whatsoever.


1. Head to Project section

2. Go to Assets/Resources/Textures


There you will be able to see the following section subfolders which are self-explanatory:

  • _UI (User Interface – menu buttons, progress, collected collectables)
  • Britain (Level)
  • Egypt (Level)
  • France (Level)
  • Italy (Level)
  • Japan (Level)
  • Particles (this folder contains visual effects)

3. Starting from this step, we will use an example. Let’s say you want to chnge the Background in Egypt level. So go to Assets/Resources/Textures/Egypt/Background/EgyptBackground. Check out the image below for a visual representation of the process.

4. EgyptBackground is a PNG file that can be replaced with your PNG file. Once replaced the game will now show your background in Egypt instead of the standard one.

5. To replace any other texture just follow the same route to your desired texture and then replace it with yours. Easy!


Last Update - Oct 13th, 2017

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Framework & Platforms


Game Template > Arcade

Operating System

Unity 4.x

File Included

.cs, .csproj, .db, .dll, .prefab, .unityproj, build.settings, Layered PNG


geometrydash, geometry, dash, minimalist, 2D platformer, arcade, impossible game


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