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Slots 777 Vegas Game

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Feel free to have one of the app that could make you earn you well! It's a new Vegas Style slot machine app where you can play amazing slot machines anytime anywhere from your mobile device! Try your luck! A lot of challenging levels with beautiful design are waiting for you. Spin, hold, and nudge your way to riches.


  1. You can play without Internet Connection
  2. Very Easy to reskin (only 10 - 15 images to reskin)
  3. Written in Java native using Eclipse
  4. Admob ads integrated!
  5. HIGH ECPM, good revenue!

How to Setup and Re-skinning

File → Import → Existing Projects into Workspace → Import these followings:

  1. Wheel
  2. SlotMachine777HamZan
  3. google-play-services_lib


You can run immediately!

Go to strings.xml to change:

  1. app_name
  2. admob_banner
  3. admob_interstitial
  4. more_apps

all the reskins are in drawable folder, drawable-hdpi folder, and drawable-xhdpi folder.

How to read the code:

app is started from MainActivity.java, and then when button max or click is pressed, check on function onClick(View v).

You will see there is a switch case, and for btn_spin and btn_betmax, you will see that they will call spinSlots() function!

just follow it from there… The code is really easy to read!

look at getResult() function, you will see switch(gold).

mWinnings.getGold(slotOne, slotTwo, slotThree); is to get which kind of payout we have!

it could be any of this or none:


and the payout is calculated by this following snippet under function getResult(), inside switch case:

        switch (gold) {

        case JACKPOT:



        case SEVEN_FUEGO:



        case SEVEN:



        case DOLLAR:



        case BELL:



        case CHERRY:



        case BAR:



        case DOUBLE_CHERRY:



        case SINGLE_CHERRY:








Last Update - Dec 14th, 2015

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Framework & Platforms


Game Template > Casino and Cards

Operating System

Android Studio

File Included

Native, .java


casino, slots, vegas, 777, slots casino, gamble, game, bet, blackjack, poker


Independent Developer

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