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True False - Mind Teaser

(At least 3 ratings required)



  1. Facebook Integration
  2. Admob Integration
  3. Support for Tablets!

This is a simple game that you might love to get.

True or False Game. This game SUPPORT Single and Multiplayer Games!

There are about 60 levels with 3000 questions!

If you want to play drinking games, this game is really good! you will be confused to decide if the answer is TRUE or FALSE, as they are very tricky!

Easy to reskin and easy to add the questions!


You have to reskin the app. If I found that you did not reskin the project, or just reskin half of it, I am eligible to report this to google play store that somebody did not reskin my app and can possibly get worst scenario where your account in google play store is taken down.


True false is a real mind teaser game where user can give answer in form of true or false. It is a quiz game provides knowledge of history, geography, science, and other subjects. So basically this game will not only improve your knowledge on various topics but also entertain you.

There are two modes of this game:

  • Single player
  • Multiplayer


In this mode user have to answer the question in specific time period or else the answer will be considered as wrong.

There will be predefined number of questions of which user have to give correct answer otherwise user will not able to clear the level. Similarly if user gives wrong answer of predefined number of questions, then too level will not get cleared.

There will be specific number in each level for which user can skip question.

User will also get descriptive answer of each question after he chooses the answer.

There are 60 levels and all the level would be locked unless user clears the previous level.


This is most striking feature of this game. In this mode, 2 users can play all-together. Both the users can see the questions on their own side and give the answer.

Whoever will give the answer first than the other; answer of that user will be considered. 

If that answer is correct than his score will be increased. And if that answer is wrong than automatically the opponent’s score would be increased.

After giving answer of 13 questions, whichever player’s score would be more than the other, that player would win.

How to Setup and Re-skinning


Install eclipse, get the latest android sdk on your android. If everything is ready, just go to:

File → Import → General → Existing Projects into Workspace → Find AndroidTrueOrFalse project then import it.


all the images files are in drawable folder.

under assets folder, there are db_level.xml and db_xml.xml. db_level.xml is for levels (1 ­ 60 levels). and db_xml.xml is for questions. There are about 3000 questions. You could always add more questions here.


App Starts from SplashScreen.java. From here, it will call SplashActivity.java. under SplashActivity.java, it has 5 OnClickListeners:

1. btnSinglePlayerOnClickListener 2. btnMultiPlayerOnClickListener 3. btnAboutUsOnClickListener
4. btnSettinOnClickListener

5. btnMoreAppsOnClickListener
Now look at activity_splash.xml, look at every buttons there.

android:id="@+id/btnSinglePlayer" android:layout_width="160dip" android:layout_height="65dip" android:layout_alignParentRight="true" android:layout_below="@id/imgtf" android:layout_marginBottom="­20dip" android:layout_marginTop="50dip" android:background="@drawable/btn_singleplayer_selector" android:onClick="btnSinglePlayerOnClickListener" />

So, it means button id: btnSinglePlayer, if clicked will call btnSinglePlayerOnClickListener.

Now, depends on which buttons you click.

1. if you click single player, it will call LevelActivity.java
2. if you click Multiplayer, it will call MainActivity.java → I know, the name is not shows what it should be.
3. if you click about us, it will call AboutUsActivity.java
4. if you click Settings, it will call Settings.java
5. if you click MoreApps, it will call nothing at this moment. you should link it to your android publisher url.

To set ratings, go to TrueOrFalseConfig.java and set APP_PNAME_PAID to your package id.

More info about the flow, you should look at the TrueFalse.doc or TrueFalse.docx. File is attached! 

Last Update - Mar 2nd, 2016

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