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Unity - Billionaire Pirate King Boom

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Ever dreamt of becoming a rich billionaire tycoon and having a big business empire where you can build as many business shops as possible.


Experience the best features:

- Fabulous graphic design & sound effects
- Spin to WIN HUGE for FREE
- Many free spins and big daily bonus coins available
- Exciting mini bonus games, I.e. DEAL, TRADE, etc
- Invite Friends via Facebook & earn bonus coins
- Great worldwide leaderboard to show off your empire
- Entertaining business shop and horse betting arena to let your freely build a successful empire
- Gorgeous selection of worldwide leaders character to choose from


- Unity 5.5.0f3 or greater (Complete Strategy Kit, we recommend Unity 5.4.1)

- Apple Developer Account

- Xcode 7 or later

- Google Play Developer Account


- Android SDK 

- Be registered as Facebook developer

- Register as a developer on Fabric 

- Register as a developer on Fyber Ad Network 

- SQL.Php supported any server to host api 

How to Setup and Re-skinning

Server Setup Step:

You have a businessman_db .sql file for database and you must import it in mysql database in phpmyadmin.
First create database and then open it and import businessman_db.sql file.

Change in database.php file

It’s located in : Your_server_name->application>config->database.php

Look Like:
'hostname' => 'localhost',
'username' => database_username, 'password' => ''database_password'', 'database' => ''your_database_name'',

Project Setup Step:

  1. First, unzip the downloaded file you received after ordering from Chupamobile.com

  2. Open Unity version 5.5.0f3 and higher and select File > Open Project...

  3. In the Project Wizard window that appears, click Open Other...

  4. Pick the folder you just unzipped as the Project Directory and press Open

  5. If Unity says Project reimport required, continue to reimport it.

After importing the assets...

Open the Scenes folder in Assets and click the LevelStart.unity scene. You're ready to run the demo scene!. You should see the business tycoon splash screen from the game.

Important:- Open Levelmanager.cs find “urlforserver” and change your url at string.

url is the url of your local server or your server where you host the webservice as per process given

above for server setup.
You can’t check the demo without entering the url, so first change the url and run the project. 

Run the scene by pressing the Play button in the top center. (When playing on a PC, use the mouse to swipe it’s much better than the arrow buttons for developers)

Tip: We recommend you use File > Build and Run... to test on your mobile device for native touch controls like scrolling, tap. 

Re-Skin By Changing Atlas

All atlas required for games are under Asset->atlases folder, please open it and check the atlases.

NGUI Atlas- FinalGUIBusinessShop- located Asset->Atlases->FinalGUIAtlas StageSmallAsset- located Asset->Atlases->StageSmallAssetAtlas WheelAtlas- located Asset->Atlases->WheelNguiAtlas

Or you can find NGUI atlas by opening Menu->NGUI->Open->Atlas Maker and select atlas

You can edit atlas with your own image but before edit please make sure that name of image is the same on atlas otherwise it will not found on script, how to make ngui atlas if you don’t know then please refer tutorial of NGUI which link is given above

FinalGUIBusinessShop has all gui which is required for game, you can edit that atlas with your own image
Same like WheelAtlas of ngui atlas has extra gui which is separated from finalguibusinessshop atlas due to texture size.

StageSmallAsset atlas is used for gui for shop for business you must edit this atlas in order to reskin change this atlas with the same name as per your texture required. 

2D Toolkit Atlas

The rest in the Asset->Atlases are the tk2d toolkit atlases.

Change that atlas if you want to change some animation, building and game image and if you want to use that then you can go. , how to make 2dtoolkit atlas if you don’t know then please refer tutorial of 2d toolkit tutorial which link is given above

But in order to change spin wheel image you will need to reskin the wheel atlas which is located @ Asset->Atlases->WheelAtlas

Click on WheelAtlas.prefab and click ‘Open Editor’ And edit that atlas with your wheel spin images

Please note that make name of your wheel is 1,2 and so on an and outer wheel image name should be 1-1,2-1 and so on. Otherwise script not detect it, or you can edit script with your image name

Changing Background Images

You can find background images in folder Asset->Textures->bg
Replace that images with your images and make them texture to sprite & Open scene “MainScene” Click on “GameManagerOfSpinBusiness” Object and on inspector find the “Spritearray”
And replace your image there and your background image will be changed. 

Export For IOS

  1. Open the Starter Kit in Unity. If you haven't already, import NGUI in a new empty scene, not directly in the Game.unity scene (throws a few internal NGUI specific errors otherwise). Safer to apply this to 2dToolKit as well.

  2. Connect your iPhone to your Mac. If you haven't already, check that you've run a test app from Apple correctly on your iOS device and have your development profiles installed. (See how)

  3. In Unity, click File > Build Settings

  4. Click iOS in the Platforms list, and then the Build and Run button.

  5. Unity will build your game, launch Xcode

  6. In Xcode Open Project and find the target build and select ‘build setting’ tab and find ‘Enable bitcode’-> No

  7. In Build Phases find ‘Compile source’ find file ‘Appstoredelegate.mm’ and add “-fno –objc - arc”

  8. Add new framework ‘MobileCoreServices’ if that framework not there and launch your ios app 

Export For Android

  1. Open the Kit in Unity. If you haven't already, import NGUI in a new empty scene, not directly in the Game.unity scene (throws a few internal NGUI specific errors otherwise). Safer to apply this to importing 2D ToolKit as well.

  2. Make sure you've downloaded JDK - Java development kit (download here) and the Android command line tools (download here, go to the very bottom of the page)

  1. Connect your Android device to your computer. If you haven't already, check that the Android SDK is properly installed. (See how)

  2. In Unity, click File > Build Settings

  3. Click Android in the Platforms list, and then the Build and Run button.

  4. Unity will build your game using the Android SDK and install on your device. The first time you build a project for Android, or if Unity later fails to locate the SDK, you will be asked to locate the folder where you installed the Android SDK. Select the root folder of the SDK installation. (Troubleshooting) 

Last Update - Nov 16th, 2017

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  • Dedicted Project Manager
  • Advertising Integration
  • ASO
  • AppStore Submision
Sub Total Price : $ 199.00
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