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Unity - Cut My Rope

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Cut The Rope is one of the famous physic­based games having nearly a billion fans over the world. However, it’s not easy to develop a game like this.



The game is developed on the latest Unity (5.3.4) because it supports some great functions for creating physic­based 2D games. Therefore, you can’t downgrade Unity. You need to use Unity 5.3.4 or higher.

 Features Game:

  • ­  100 levels with many items.

  • ­  Source code is clean and professional.

  • ­  Easy to build on multiple platforms.


  • ­  Admob integrated

  • ­  In­app purchase integrated (Android, IOS, Windows Phone, Windows Store, Amazon,


How to Setup and Re-skinning

Import project

Open Unity 5.3.4 or higher, create empty project, go to Asset Store and import the package. Wait until the import process complete.
You need to drag folder “Plugins” out of folder “Cut My Rope” to avoid errors when building, 

Important: Sometimes after opening the project in the first time, Unity has a bug that it miss some references. If you start the game and you can’t hear music, you have to restart Unity. Restarting Unity solves the problem.


● Admob:
Go to the game object “GoogleMobileAds” in Home scene, put your ad ids and click A pply button. 

Please place your configs in CommonConst.cs (Assets/Common/Scripts/ folder)
In every 3 minutes, we will show a fullscreen ad if a dialog shows. 

● Some store ID:
Please place your configs in CommonConst.cs (Assets/Common/Scripts/ folder) 

● Google analytics
Place tracking codes in Assets/Plugins/GoogleAnalyticsV3/GAv3.prefab 

How to create a level by yourself

Before making new level, please go to MainController.cs and comment these lines of code. This will disable loading level from “select level” scene. If you don’t, two levels will be loaded at the same time. Uncomment them when necessary. 

  1. How to reskin the game.

Replace new graphics to their corresponding locations and then use TexturePacker to pack them into atlas. Finally, place new atlases into Unity project.

Last Update - Nov 20th, 2017

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Framework & Platforms


Game Template > Strategy

Operating System

Unity 5.x

File Included

.cs, .prefab, .unityproj


-Powerful Level Manager, - Physics Objects Fully Correspond With Each Other, -Automatic Ropes.

Development Agency

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