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Treasure Hunters - Cookie Run Like Game is the most fun and addictive TouchArcade's best games and definitely a very different running game . Collect the coins, run as far as you can, jump to the sky and get a lot of coins without any obstacles! Run, jumps, dash and slide over and around tons of different obstacles in this new endless running game. With the high quality graphic images, giving the players more excitement and more fun. 

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With the increasing affordability of smartphones, mobile apps now has gradually been integrated to our day to day life. Whenever there is spare time, most people will take out their beloved smartphone out and pull out its applications, be it social media app or mobile games app to pass their time. But do you know the different types of mobile applications on the Store and what app genre that is more popular than the others?

Apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store now fall into more than 20 app categories. But there are 5 main app genres that captivated most users on the Store. This can be a consideration for mobile app developers to look closely into.