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03 JUL
Top Five Popular Genres of Mobile Apps

With the increasing affordability of smartphones, mobile apps now has gradually been integrated to our day to day life. Whenever there is spare time, most people will take out their beloved smartphone out and pull out its applications, be it social media app or mobile games app to pass their time. But do you know the different types of mobile applications on the Store and what app genre that is more popular than the others?

Apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store now fall into more than 20 app categories. But there are 5 main app genres that captivated most users on the Store. This can be a consideration for mobile app developers to look closely into.

Let’s now take a look at these Top 5 app categories:


Games App comes on top of all different app categories , owning more than 20% of all apps listed on the Store. With its high mobile user engagement, and the possible gross revenue generated from it, many mobile developer go into making games app hoping to grab a piece of the revenue pie. It is very reasonable to do so especially when you know popular games such as Clash of Clans generates more than 1 million US dollars revenue per day! Other popular games app we have seen is Clash Royale, Temple Run, Angry Birds, Sudoku, etc. Developers may get revenue by selling the games app or having In App Item Purchase revenue from their free games. Tips to improve your games app, is to look at your games’ reviews. There you will have tons of feedback that is valuable for your next game improvement and to be able to increase user engagement.


Business Apps sometimes are also called productivity apps, which turn out to be incredibly popular among app users. These type of apps help users do tasks more easily and more efficiently. Name every daily task you need to do, then you will find an app to make that process a little easier. Remembering a grocery to-buy list, scanning documents with your phone, billing an invoice, making e-payment, etc. All of these are covered! Example of these apps are apps like Evernote, Linked In Job Search, Square, Tiny Scanner, etc. To come on top of this category, you must provide a seamless, hassle-free user experience to make sure users can easily use the app without much explanation necessary.


More and more people now seek for educational apps on the Store as they find it simpler and easier to learn on the go anytime they are free to do so. The range of age for these apps varies quite a lot. You may find kids educational apps that entice the fun early learning experience for toddlers or kindergarten kids to apps that are tailored for adults such as Duolingo to learn and perfect your multi language skills.


Over the years, lifestyle apps have increased gradually to attract more users for these types of apps. These apps are normally customized to target their special group of audiences to serve them better and make them want to share it with their friends and family. It is a window to look into a person’s personal day-to-day life preference. Main categories of these apps will be music apps, dating apps, fashion style apps, travel apps etc. Dating apps such as Tinder have been wildly downloaded for modern population to assist them finding their true love at a click of a button. Definitely have a closer look on the current trend that people are yearning for, and that will be your base to start a lifestyle app that could go wild!


A lot of people mistakenly mixed up entertainment app with games app. The entertainment app categorized here started more from video streaming apps, and while social interaction have increasingly become popular, these entertainment apps have gradually integrated social factors into their apps, and become social interaction apps. Most of these apps are now connected with the relevant social media such as Facebook or Twitter for users to share the fun with their friends and family, and of course to also increase the app exposure for developers. Popular examples are Netflix, Hulu, Dubsmash, etc

Now you know the top 5 most popular app genres on the Store!

If you are currently developing a mobile app that does not fit into these top 5 categories, do not frown! No matter what type of mobile application you work on, remember that the key to app success is that your app will provide a solution to the users in that particular niche. Gaming apps provide fun entertainment for their users whenever they feel bored. Same goes to the other app types. As long as you find what your target market is looking for, go ahead and make a customed app for that to stand out from the rest, then you will be having the great first step towards that million dollar revenue!

Good Luck!