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06 JUN
Dovemobi is in Indiegogo

Dovemobi is looking for investors. We would like to actually boost our website growth by gaining capital from Indiegogo. Please visit this link:

Please look at this blog to see the potential of making games using reskinning technique.

Here are following games where the backers could have if they decide to back our website!

Dovemobi Fans Plan, Dovemobi Novice Plan, Dovemobi Pro Plan, and Dovemobi Big Plan

With Dovemobi Novice Plan, Dovemobi Pro Plan and Dovemobi Big Plan, users could have money in their deposit with additional bonus so that they could buy source code in dovemobi marketplace. 

Here are the breakdown that backers could get

  • Dovemobi Fans Plan: Pay $50 get $55 deposit in our website (Bonus $5).
  • Dovemobi Novice Plan: Pay $125 get $135 deposit in our website (Bonus $10).
  • Dovemobi Pro Plan: Pay $250 get $270 deposit in our website (Bonus $20).
  • Dovemobi Big Plan: Pay $500 get $550 deposit in our website (Bonus $50).

We actually will help backers to get started with Mobile Games business, how to publish the games to Google Play Store and iTunes Store, and get more visibility and downloads.

Dovemobi Investor Plan

Dovemobi Investor Plan allow backers to get one app reskinned and published to Google Play and iTunes Store. This is a perfect plan for Investor who has big budget to start being an Appreneur.

Here are the type of Dovemobi Investor Plan, its price, and what kind of source code that they could choose:

  • Dovemobi Novice Investor Plan - Credit $1000
  • Dovemobi Pro Investor Plan - Credit $2000
  • Dovemobi Big Investor Plan - Credit $3000

Use the credits to actually buy the source code, reskin the game, do ASO, and publish the game to Google Play Store and iTunes Store on these following games:

If the games are not stated here, please kindly contact us for quotes of the source code that you would like to have or reskin, we will contact you back within 24 hours.