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11 AUG
Google Play Store Is Now After Poor Performing Apps

Google has recently reorganized its mighty algorithm to downrank all poor performing apps. App quality is increasingly gaining Google’s attention. Google now emphasizes on making sure its users to have a high quality experience on its giant Play Store.

Apps that encounter many crashes, trouble downloading, and hence leading to bad user reviews and comments shall definitely watch out on this Google’s newest move to clean up the Store. Google now look at not only the performance data, battery usage, user engagement, but also including user ratings to create the so-called “quality signals”, which will automatically increase the ranking of those well-performing apps, and downrank those that did poorly. The goal is to increase more enjoyable Play Store’s user experience in app stability and quality.

This newest Google updates seems to be another fight against its popular counterpart, iOS App Store, that is well known in holding great quality apps throughout its app listing history up until now. On the other hand, this new algorithm definitely will force existing apps and game developers to review their listed apps and fix any found bugs soonest possible to keep their good rankings status within the new algorithm.

Not a bad change at all. Just like Darwin’s Law of Evolution, the stronger ones will survive. Key for developers here is to develop a good quality source code that minimizes bugs and crashes error to have a good base on Google’s algorithm gameplay.

This is why it is extremely important for anyone who wants to start an app business and become appreneur to wisely choose the games templates they are buying to rank high in this extreme algorithm change.

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