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16 AUG
Trendy Pathway of Mobile App Marketing - Universal App Campaign

Traffic is the key to success of mobile app and game business. The more traffic there is, the more opportunity in gaining user downloads.

Google provides several options for Mobile App Marketing, one of which become more relevant and more important nowadays. This is Universal App Campaigns (UAC), which was launched by Google a little over two years ago. UAC has grown and made it much easier for mobile app and game developer to promote their apps across various platforms such as Google Search, Google Display Network, Google Play Store, or even YouTube.

What makes UAC a favorite among the mobile app and game promoter is that it saves so much time in the marketing process, as now they only need to input all the relevant ideas on marketing text and images or videos, choose the budget and targeted location for only one time. And, once they click the button to select Universal App, Google will automatically design the individual app on each advertising platform to present the ads in a way to perform their best.

With Google’s advance algorithm, Google is able to run the ads that is performing better than the other more often, and hence automatically increase the chance to reach your mobile app optimization objective. Google has said that advertisers who opt for Universal App mobile app marketing campaign are gaining 140% more conversion per advertising dollar spent, when compared with spending on other Google promotion method. With such big difference, the Company has progressively encouraged all mobile app marketers to start converting to UAC, and stated that all Adwords app install campaign will be changed to UAC later this year.

Now don’t fall behind, and start learning about the Google Universal App Campaign right away.