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Ear Doctor Super Hero (Cocos2dx - Android & iOS)

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Have new experience of surgery kids game..??? Then grab your tools and visit the FREE version of Ear Doctor.

Clean & Clear the Ears, cure the patients from infection. Give them proper treatment using different medical tools

Here in game, kids super hero are having trouble with their ears and having infection around their ears, so treat them as superb ears doctor in this free game for kids. Fun and cool game play experience to play with wonderful and real time equipment's that can be used in order to cure the nose dust infections and problems that irritates people with itchy and allergy symptoms.

Select, drag and apply the required tool and medicine to cure the disease. Make it clean and quick and move further to cure more patients in clinic.

Come on! Rush to this amazing Ears Doctor and help these superhero kids to cure, look better and good than before.

Game have an admob SDK there is no 3rd party sdk integrated to the game. However if you have any issue with source you can write back to us.


==> HD Graphics to enhance the gaming
==> Easy and effective controls tap & drag over ears
==> Different Super Hero Patients to handle with their different Problems
==> To work perfectly with your touch screen device
==> Zoom in with the nose machine
==> Use hair cutting machines to cut big and small hair
==> Clean the dirt ear with a cotton bud
==> Banner and Interstitial Ads using Admob
==> After you are done cleaning the ears, you can take a photo and save the picture.

How to Setup and Re-skinning


This game is using cocos2dx.

For iOS just open xcode and run it.

For Android, you need to download NDK r9d. in mac, just run

***"python build_native.py" to create obj files


Just replace all the images inside resources folder.


Last Update - Jan 28th, 2016

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Money Back Guarantee

$ 149.99 ?

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$ 249.99 ?
Sub Total Price : $ 149.99

Framework & Platforms


Game Template > Arcade

Operating System

Android Studio

File Included

Native, .h, .m, .xml, Layered PNG


game, super, hero, doctor, ear, clean, superhero, doctors, ear doctor, heal


Independent Developer

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