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Unity Counter-Strike Clone Multiplayer

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Unity Counter-Strike Clone Multiplayer


Unity Counter Strike Clone Multiplayer[Android & IOS].
Publish game to Android, iOS and other platforms.


Photon Unity Networking for multiplayer. You don?t need server for this game.
Unity 4.6 and later support.
Game made Unity 5.3.6 was also built with 0 errors.

=> Testing APK Link


  • Multiplayer
  • 3 Mod
  • 5 Maps(Aztec,Dust2,Italy,Poolday,Iceworld)
  • 20 Weapons(USP-45,P-228,FIVESEVEN,EL?TE,DEAGLE,MAC-10,MP5,AK47,M4A1,SG-552,STEYR-AUG,M3,XM-1014,SCOUT,SG-550,AWP,KN?FE)
  •  Grenades(FlashBang,Hegrenade)
  • Best Particle Effects
  • All Platform Compatible UI
  • 7 Language(English,German,Russian,French,Swedish,Arabic,Turkish)
  • Easy Reskin

[Death Transitions]
Without dying (Voice and Text):

(1x KillingSpree/HeadShot) (2x DoubleKill) (3x Hattrick) (4x Unstoppable)
(5x MonsterKill) (6x MegaKill) (7x UltraKill) (8x GodLike)

[Radar System]
If the enemy is in your field of view and does not fire, you will not see it.
It will appear when you start to shoot.(Except the knife)
It will not appear after 7.5 seconds when the shoot has finished.

Always visible,
Teammate (White)
if Terrorist and C4 is on.(Yellow)
Points A and B.
C4 Icon.

How to Setup and Re-skinning

With the tutorial.pdf in the project you can easily reskin.



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Last Update - Nov 27th, 2018

Thread #311

2019-11-17 22:13:28

I want demo app IOS

Thread #303

2019-08-28 18:27:59

can u send me test


2019-08-28 18:29:06

they have same game in other name in market also ıts not a problem?

Admin Support

2019-08-29 10:54:39

Hello, here is apk link for test : https://www.dropbox.com/s/yuc0093mgw0917y/CounterStrike.apk?dl=0

Thread #176

2018-01-22 18:30:25

I Want Android Version


2018-01-23 10:28:34

Yes, there will be Android version.

Thread #175

2018-01-22 18:29:50

I Want Android Version


2018-01-23 10:28:30

Yes, there will be Android version.

*Send us your email address, then we'll send you a sample app
money guarantee

14 Days

Money Back Guarantee

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Reskin App License

+ $ 1849.00 ?
  • 1 Full Reskin of this App
  • Dedicted Project Manager
  • Advertising Integration
  • ASO
  • AppStore Submision
Sub Total Price : $ 399.00

Framework & Platforms

unity.pngandroid.png apple.png


Game Template > Action

Operating System

Unity 4.x, Unity 5.x

File Included

.fbx, .prefab, .unityproj


- Multiplayer. - 3 Mod. - 5 Maps. - 20 Weapons. -2 Grenades. - Best Effects - Great UI - 7 Language, - Easy Reskin, - Support iOS!!


Development Agency

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